Farm Store is now CLOSED

Dear Friends and Supporters,

When I first opened the Foxhollow Farm Store in May of 2009, I had visions of families not only having a place to purchase our beef and produce, but also experiencing our working Biodynamic farm first-hand. People of all ages would see our cattle grazing on lush pastures, hear birds chirping songs of life, and taste heirloom vegetables plucked from our gardens. That being said, we have learned that the most sustainable way to keep our farm and business healthy is to narrow our focus to a few key goals; producing nourishing tasty food, and active engagement with the community in ways we can maintain and be proud of.

It is with these goals in mind that we have made the tough decision to close the Foxhollow Farm Store.  We do so with sincere gratitude for our core supporters who have come week after week to purchase our beef and vegetables.

We know our customers will have concerns.  We hope to address these below, and are available for you who have more questions at any time.

First, you may be wondering, “With the Store closed, how will I get Foxhollow Beef?”  It is important to us that you have many options, and that those options reflect our support of our local businesses.  You can still buy beef directly from Foxhollow via our website, Farmers Markets and in May we will launch a preferred buyers club.  You can also purchase beef through partner retailers such as Rainbow Blossom or have it exquisitely prepared by some of our favorite restaurants. A current list of vendors can be found further down this page.

Second, you may be wondering “Can I still visit Foxhollow after the store closes?”

The answer is resoundingly YES!  We will continue to invite our community to enjoy Foxhollow Farm.  Come for live music at our Sunset Concert Series starting in May, taste our Biodynamic food at our Wheelbarrow to Table dinners, learn through our educational programs, and enjoy family fun at our Fall Festival in October.  Be sure you join our newsletter and like us on Facebook for up-to-the-minute information about our events.

We will continue to build relationships with our local community by supporting the growth of the local food movement and raising awareness of Biodynamic agriculture, which we believe to be the most responsible way to take care of our land, animals, and people.

Thank you for supporting Foxhollow Farm and all your Local Farmers,

Maggie Keith

Co-Founder and COO

Detailed List: Where to find Foxhollow Beef 

Buy direct from Foxhollow:

Visit us at Farmer’s Markets!  We’re at:

  • Fresh Start Winter Market Saturday mornings from January to March
  • St Matthew’s Farmers Market Saturdays from May-October
  • Anchorage Farmer’s Market Wednesdays from May-September.
  • Join our preferred Buyers Club, launching in May 2014.  Interested?  Email and be the first to get announcement details.

Support our Partner Retailers:

Purchase Foxhollow beef at the following Retail locations:

  • 4 Rainbow Blossom locations (Lexington Ave, Gardiner Lane, Shelbyville Rd in Middletown and on Springhurst Blvd.),
  • Reynolds Grocery Company on Frankfort Avenue
  • Root Cellar in Germantown & Old Louisville

You can also order our beef in your Green BEAN Delivery box.

Support Local Restaurants & Food Trucks

We’re constantly amazed how our friends take our beef to another level of delicious.  Try:

  • Grind Gourmet Burger Truck
  • Mayan Café
  • Wiltshire on Market and Wiltshire Pantry
  • Eiderdown
  • Silver Dollar
  • Burning Bush Grille
  • Holy Grale
  • Hillbilly Tea
  • 610 Magnolia
  • Harvest Restaurant

Please email with questions or to order beef.

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