Our Mission

Making a connection to a piece of land is a profound experience. As with any good relationship, the connection deepens over time and becomes mutually supportive. Both parties are the better for it.

Our family has been building a relationship with the land called Foxhollow for about 65 years. The first family stewards of Foxhollow started a dairy operation, tended to a splendid array of flower gardens and watched over a small flock of white doves. It was a special treat to drive “way out in the country” to visit Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dave. We were fed country ham and beaten biscuits and were allowed to hang over the fence to feed the cows large clumps of hay. The land was loved.

In 1972 my mother moved us all out to the farm.  My two siblings and I drank raw milk from the dairy, ate fresh vegetables grown by the farmer she employed and best of all… we were introduced to the glory of the woods at Foxhollow. Walking the woods was a balm for our family. It became the preferred cure for teenage meltdowns and the rough ride of our early twenties. Once her children were all launched, my mother merged her passion for health and wellness with the land by transforming some of the old farm houses into a health spa and B&B. By 1992 she had built an alternative medical clinic next to the old dairy barn and converted the milking parlor into a yoga studio. Foxhollow became a respite for the chronically ill and a retreat for those who needed to spend time in nature. Mother was the better for it and the land was loved by many.

In 2005, my brother, sister, and I moved into the position of stewardship for Foxhollow. It was our turn to converge our unique passions and intentions with this 1300 acre piece of the earth.  The three of us have always shared a common quest; to make a conscious connection between the physical world and the world of the spirit. Of course this is an age old search and none of us claim to have reached the finish line. However, we have made the commitment to bio-dynamic agriculture which acknowledges the spiritual aspect of all of nature… including the farmer. The mission to understand and use bio-dynamic methods on our land is a life-long journey and we are only at the beginning.  So far it has been nourishing for the land and nourishing for those who farm, eat from, and visit Foxhollow.

My three children will be the next ones to continue this relationship. My daughter has been working by my side since 2006.  It is changing her as it has changed me and my hope is that the land is as grateful as we are to be in this profound relationship.

– Janey Newton, 3rd-generation owner of Foxhollow Farm